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Hometown Orthodontics provides Sudbury and Oakville patients a range of treatment options: lingual braces, clear or ceramic braces, and regular braces with colours.




Clear or Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces (also known as “clear braces”) are one of the best aesthetic alternative to traditional braces.  These braces look and function the same way as traditional braces with the exception that they are virtually clear or tooth-coloured.  They are fast and efficient and give you a healthy, confident smile without the attention that metal braces may give.  Ceramic braces are just one way that Hometown Orthodontics strives to deliver you the latest technological advances in orthodontic care.

Self Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are unlike conventional braces that require tying or ligating the wire with a rubber tie to the bracket itself.  Self-ligating braces have a smooth metal door that helps to hold the wire in the bracket and, unlike a rubber tie, allows free movement of  teeth along the wire.  Ultimately, this results in less discomfort, faster overall treatment, shorter adjustment appointments, less frequent visits to the orthodontist and better oral hygiene.  Self-ligating brackets are another way that Hometown Orthodontics delivers the best that orthodontic care has to offer.

Lingual Braces (3M-Incognito)


incognito - lingual braces

Unlike conventional braces that are bonded on the front of your teeth, lingual braces or hidden braces are bonded to the back of your teeth.  Because they are completely hidden, no one can really tell that you are wearing them – unless of course you tell them!  Using CAD/CAM technology, the braces and wires are engineered and manufactured exclusively for your teeth. This means that treatment is more efficient and generally, the overall treatment time is shorter.  Lingual braces are also comfortable because they are custom-made to fit the contours of your teeth and since they’re made of gold, they’re also a great choice for patients with nickel allergies.

Dr. Virdee is the only orthodontist in the Greater Sudbury area certified to treat patients with lingual braces.  So if you really don’t want anyone knowing you’re straightening your teeth – she’s the orthodontist of choice!



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