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Herbst Appliance

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A Herbst appliance in simple terms is an appliance used to stimulate the growth of the lower jaw. The reasons an orthodontist would prescribe this device is when a patient has a very deep bite.  A deep bite is a condition that causes the teeth to line up incorrectly this means your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth significantly and could possibly impinge on your palate and/or cause malocclusion. If this condition is left untreated it could impact the over-all health of the teeth, jaws and gums! The biggest benefit to the Herbst appliance is you can maximize their growth potential and eliminate the need to have orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery later on in life.

Most people are curious about what this appliance looks like.  The best thing about the Herbst appliance is no one will even notice that you have it in! When you have a herbst appliance you have crowns cemented to your molar teeth with rods that connect the upper jaw to the lower jaw by the molars.  This appliance puts your jaw into a forward position.  By making adjustments to the tube the orthodontist is able to control the jaw’s position in relation to the upper teeth. You can still open and close your mouth normally while wearing this appliance.  This appliance is worn in the mouth for approximately 12 months.

Dr. Virdee routinely uses these appliances in our Port Credit / Mississauga patients. Things to expect when wearing this appliance is some mild soreness and maybe some headaches as you adjust to wearing the Herbst this is completely normal and usually symptoms improve within about a week. If you develop any sores anywhere the appliance rubs you can use wax to protect these areas inside your mouth. Salt water rinses can also aid in reducing any pain and tenderness.

We recommend eating soft foods for the first couple of days until you become more comfortable. While treatment is going on it is good to continue to avoid chewy sticky foods as this could be uncomfortable and stick to the appliance which could cause the appliance to come apart.  It is recommended to brush your teeth atleast twice a day taking extra care to clean your appliance – meaning cleaning the crowns covering your teeth as well as the rods.

If any part of the appliance becomes loose or breaks please contact us right away.

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