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Dr. Virdee recommends a consultation at Hometown Orthodontics in Sudbury or Missississauga if you child has a thumb/finger sucking habit, open bite, teeth that meet abnormally or don’t meet at all, crowded, misplaced or blocked out teeth, jaws and teeth that seem out of proportion to the rest of the face, unbalanced facial appearance, difficulty chewing or biting food, early or late loss of baby teeth, consistent breathing through the mouth or nose, frequent sucking of finger or thumb, jaws that pop or click with opening and/or closing, teeth that stick out, biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth, grinding or clenching of the teeth
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Before & After



Phase I interceptive Therapy:  Thumb habit appliance (no braces)


Presentation:  AG was 6 years old when he came to our Oakville office with a thumb habit that he was motivated to stop but needed our help with.  AG’s thumb habit was causing an open bite (preventing the teeth from meeting in the front).

Treatment Plan:  Phase I therapy with thumb habit appliance (no braces were used)

Treatment time:  6 months

Outcome:  After 6 months in treatment, AG’s thumb habit was eliminated which allowed his front teeth to naturally drift towards each other to close the open bite.  By treating this type of bite early, we managed to reduce the likelihood of more complicated or costly treatment in the future.