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As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child.  From a dental perspective, this means healthy teeth and a bright smile.  Our goal at Hometown Orthodontics is to ensure that your child’s oral health as well as their growth and development are normal for their age so they can LIVE, LAUGH, SMILE during the most important stages in their development.

While not all children need treatment, some orthodontic problems are better treated at a young age so that more costly or invasive procedures can be avoided later on.  The American Association of Orthodontists recommends having your child’s first orthodontic check-up no later than age 7.  By this age, your child’s teeth have developed enough so that subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging permanent teeth can be recognized and treated.

If you’ve ever spoken to anyone who knows Dr. Virdee, they will tell you that her favourite part about her job is working with young kids.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise – she’s a kid at heart herself!  Whether its playing games like “Simon Says” while taking moulds or singing songs while inserting an orthodontic appliance, she and her highly trained, energetic and caring staff ensure that your child’s orthodontic experience will be comfortable and fun!  Dr. Virdee treats every child as if they are her own.  Her philosophy is simple – no child gets unnecessary treatment.  And, unlike other offices, she sees every patient at each of their appointments so you can be assured that your child gets the best treatment possible.




Whether you live in and around the Sudbury area or the Oakville area, Dr. Virdee highly suggests booking a complementary consultation if any of the following issues are noted:

  • – Crowded, misplaced or blocked out teeth
  • – Teeth that meet abnormally or don’t meet at all
  • – Jaws and teeth that seem out of proportion to the rest of the face
  • – Unbalanced facial appearance
  • – Difficulty chewing or biting food
  • – Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • – Consistent breathing through the mouth or nose
  • – Frequent sucking of finger or thumb
  • – Jaws that pop or click with opening and/or closing
  • – Teeth that stick out
  • – Biting the cheek or biting into the roof of the mouth
  • – Grinding or clenching of the teeth


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