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Reverse Pull Headgear

31 Aug 2017, Posted by admin in Uncategorized


Sometimes when a patient has an underbite we have to move the teeth and upper jaws ahead. This reverse pull head gear attaches to your rapid palatal expander (which we talked about in another blog) using elastics.

A reverse pull head gear helps move your top jaw forward using your bodies natural growth.  There is a limited window that this will work so it is best to have your child visit an orthodontist starting at age 7 to be checked for any skeletal jaw issues. This can eliminate the need for jaw surgery later in life.

It will take time to adjust to your new appliance but usually within a couple days sleeping becomes much easier. This appliance works better the more you wear it so it is very important to follow Dr. Virdee’s instructions.

Like any appliance that is cemented in your mouth if anything comes loose call our Port Credit/Sudbury office and we can make sure we take care of you as soon as possible!

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