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Hometown Orthodontics provides teens with a variety of treatment options to meet their individual needs including Invisalign teen, clear braces and lingual braces.

Before & After

Mandibular Surgery, Mississauga Sudbury, ON

Treatment of Shallow Overbite and Crossbite

Presentation: HS came to our Sudbury office concerned about the backward or retroclined inclination of her upper and lower front teeth.  The underlying skeletal deformity made this case especially challenging.  If we were to line up the upper and lower front teeth to their correct inclination, this patient would have excessive overjet (meaning that the upper front teeth would be ahead of the lower incisors).  This relationship would be difficult to correct with just orthodontics alone, because the lower jaw had not grown to its full potential.  As a result, Dr. Virdee chose braces in combination with surgical orthodontics to achieve ideal results.

Treatment Plan: Braces to line up the teeth and correct the inclination of the upper incisors, followed by referral to an oral surgeon to surgically move the lower jaw forward (also known as a Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy or BSSO mandibular advancement)

Treatment time: 24 months

Outcome: The surgeon decided that both the upper and lower jaws needed advancement.  As a result, there were drastic improvements to the patient’s profile.  We corrected her overbite and the inclination of the incisors, giving her a wonderful finish.

Sudbury Orthodontist Before and after Invisalign

Treatment of Shallow Overbite and Crossbite

Presentation: TW came to our Sudbury office concerned about the crowding of her upper and lower teeth.  TW’s case was difficult because she also presented with a shallow overbite.  Read more about why Dr. Virdee chose Invisalign as her first choice in treatment for this patient instead of braces here.

Treatment Plan: Invisalign Teen to help give her a better overbite and correct the crossbite on the left hand side.

Treatment time: 18 months

Outcome: TW was great at wearing her Invisalign Aligners.  We gave her a better overbite and corrected the crossbite on the left side.  She also wore her elastics so that we could correct her midlines.



Treatment of Spacing and Protruding Teeth

Presentation:  DB came to our office concerned about the gaps between her upper and lower teeth.

Treatment Plan:  Braces to close spaces and Forsus springs to help correct the bite

Treatment time:  18 months

Outcome:  Like many Hometown patients, DB was great at keeping her teeth clean.  She was also a trooper with the springs in her mouth, which corrected her bite within 4 months!



Treatment of Deep Bite and Protruding Teeth

Presentation:  LT came to our office with the concern that she had a deep bite and that her upper front teeth were sticking out

Treatment Plan:  Braces with elastics

Treatment time:  20 months

Outcome:  LT was a terrific patient throughout treatment.  Se was very diligent with brushing and flossing regularly and wore her elastics very well which resulted in great improvements to her bite.



Treatment of Crowding and Severely Protrusive Teeth

Presentation:  LG came to our office with the concern that her upper front teeth were protruding out and that she had crowding of the upper and lower teeth.

Treatment Plan:  Extraction of four teeth followed by treatment with braces and elastics

Treatment time:  24 months

Outcome:  LP was an amazing patient throughout treatment.  She maintained good oral hygiene and wore her elastics like a champion to help correct her bite and protrusion of her teeth.