Get Straight Teeth Fast with Acceledent

January 23, 2018

One of the most popular questions that patients in Sudbury like to ask me is:  “How can I get straight teeth in the quickest time possible?”  The best answer is:  With Acceledent Aura!

The photo below is of Jessica, a patient of ours from Sudbury that used Acceledent in combination with Invisalign and finished her treatment in 6 months!  Thats amazing!

Before and After Photo of Patient Using Invisalign

Gone are the days when orthodontic treatment involved 3-4 years in treatment with braces.  When parents bring their children in a consultation with me (some come from as far as Espanola, Mannitoulin Island, Massey, Sturgeon Falls and North Bay)  they will tell me how extremely long their treatment was and how lucky their kids are that treatment time is now shortened.  New technologies with braces have resulted in treatment time that is approximately 2 years or less for the average case.  However, recently, OrthoAccel Technologies introduced a device called Acceledent Aura that reduces your time in treatment by an additional 50%.  Imagine being in treatment for only 6 months or a year!

So what exactly is Acceledent Aura?

Acceledent is a simple-to-use dental device (a sort of a vibrator) that is attached to a mouthpiece.  The mouthpiece is fitted around your orthodontic appliances, be it regular braces, Invisalign or lingual braces is used for 20 minutes per day everyday.

How does Acceledent Work?

In order to understand how Acceledent works, we must look at the physiology of how tooth movement occurs in general.  Basically, an orthodontist like Dr. Virdee adds force to your teeth using braces or Invisalign, the forces that are created cause a complex molecular events that results in remodelling of bone in the direction of the force.  Remodelling means that tiny amounts of bone are removed and added by specialized bone cells.  So if we want a tooth to move forward, the bone around the direction of force will be removed by bone removing cells and the tooth will move into the space.  The space where the tooth was initially situated before tooth movement is then filled in by bone building cells.  In these steps, teeth gradually move into their desired places as guided by an orthodontist.

Acceledent uses SoftPulse Technology to help accelerate the process of bone removing and bone rebuilding (or remodelling of bone).  Basically micro vibrations or micro pulses are gently applied to the teeth which results in accelerated remodelling of the bone surrounding teeth.  the end result is that the teeth move faster, treatment speeds up and overall treatment time decreases with braces or Invisalign.

What are other benefits of Acceledent?

In addition to speeding up tooth movement, Acceledent also makes orthodontic treatment more comfortable.  Every patient has felt the discomfort associated with braces or Invisalign at some point in time.  This usually occurs when you go for an adjustment appointment or “have your braces tightened.”  Because Acceledent is delivering micro pulses to the teeth, this also increases blood flow to the teeth resulting in decrease in discomfort associated with adjustments.

What are the side-effects of Acceledent?

A number of patients and dentists always ask me whether Acceledent has any side-effect.  Some patients worry that speeding up tooth movement may cause gum disease or may result in root shortening (or root resorption).  These patients have every right to worry.  Yes, increased tooth movement can cause root resorption.  Since its advent in 2009, there are no cases published in any journal stating any occurrence of root resorption.  Acceledent has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Health Canada.  If it was unsafe or resulted in side-effects to the population, it would not have been cleared by these agencies for use by patients.

What do the micropulses feel like?

The amount of force used with Acceledent is significantly less than that of an Oral-B tooth brush.  The way I explain it to my patients is that it produces less vibrations than your cell phone.

How do I use Acceledent?

Easy – we’ll show you how before your appointment.  The key is to use it 20min continuously everyday.  After you’re done with it, just make sure to charge it for the next day.  The device automatically stops after 20min.  Using it more than 20 minutes per day will not further accelerate your treatment time.

How do I clean Acceledent?

Acceldent is made up of two parts:  the mouth piece and the activator (the piece that send micropulses to the mouth piece).  You can clean the mouth piece by removing it from the activator and using a tooth brush and tooth paste to clean it.   You can also soak the mouth piece in Listerine if you wish for about 1-2 minutes.  Make sure not to wash the activator, instead wipe it down with a cloth or Lysol wipes.

What do I do with my device after I’m finished with treatment?

Bring it back to us, we will recycle it for you!

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