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Hometown Advantage

From the enthusiastic, dedicated, skillful and caring team to the comfortable and inviting atmosphere, it’s hard not to feel at home when you visit one of our offices for orthodontics in Mississauga or Sudbury.  You’ll be known by first name, your time will be valued and the staff will always ensure that your wait time will be short, engaging and fun.

What sets Hometown apart from other offices?  Simply stated – it’s our commitment to you and not just your teeth!  We value individuals and individual interactions and hope to build a personal relationship with you that will last a lifetime.  We believe in giving a “hometown focus” to patient care with world-class customer service and we do it using cutting-edge technologies and leading innovations, ensuring our patients receive the best, safest and most efficient treatment.  We love to see you smile and want to give you the Hometown smile that you can greet the world with!

We hope that your journey with us will give you a smile that will inspire you to LIVE, LAUGH, SMILE!

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