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Dental Impressions

January 23, 2018

When you get started in your orthodontic journey the first step is usually dental impressions. In our Port Credit / Sudbury office we have a strong clinical team which will make this comfortable for all of our patients.

This can be stressful for many patients because they don’t really understand what is going on – when in reality it is a very fast procedure which does not cause any pain. It is best to explain to your children that impressions are easy and not something they need to be worried about.

Impressions are usually taken when you begin and finish orthodontic treatment and when fabricating dental appliances.

We take an orthodontic impression by using a tray that fits over your teeth and filling it with a dental material called alginate. Alginate is a powder when mixed with water turns into a putty like consistency. This is than placed in the patients mouth until the material sets.

When the material hardens you are left with an imprint or “negative” of your gums and teeth. We than pour this up in stone or plaster to make a dental cast of your teeth.

Dr. Virdee and her staff will ensure this is a pleasant experience for everyone!

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